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Travel health insurance
  • Maximum flexibility for frequent travelers like digital nomads and backpackers.

  • Monthly insurance subscription – from one month up to two years.

  • Extensive cover for medical treatment around the world.

  • Any citizen, any residence, ages up to 69.

  • Already traveling? No problem!

What is insured?

  • Medical treatment everywhere

    Treatment at any locally recognized healthcare provider around the world.

    That includes visits with overnight stays (“inpatient”) and without (“outpatient”).

    Limited dental & mental treatment (see below).

  • Sports injuries

    Surfing, kitesurfing, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, cycling, mountain biking, and hiking, for example, are covered.

    All sports are covered unless they're listed under Dangerous activities.

  • Assistance & direct billing

    24/7 hotline for emergencies and hospital stays.

    Our assistance follows up on your treatment and ensures high quality care. They guarantee and organize payments directly to your hospital.

    This is provided by MD Medicus & Global Excel.

  • Hospital visits

    If you likely have to stay in a hospital for more than five days a close friend or family member can visit you. We pay for their travel costs.

  • Medical transport

    We cover transport costs to the nearest hospital that fits your medical needs.

    If your recovery takes a long time, we can bring you to your home country. You decide.

  • Repatriation

    We can bring mortal remains to their home country. Alternatively a burial abroad is covered up to the amount of the repatriation costs.

  • Pregnancy

    Check-ups up to the 12th week of pregnancy, two ultrasound examinations, treatment for complications, labor including birth assistants & midwives, and postnatal care up to €50,000.

  • Emergency dental treatment

    Treatment for pain relief up to €500 per case. Necessary treatment as a result of an accident up to €1,000 per case.

  • Initial mental issue treatment

    Initial outpatient treatment of mental illnesses up to €1,500 per year.

    Emergency inpatient treatment of first-time mental and emotional disorders up to €20,000 per year.

  • COVID-19

    You're covered for treatment of COVID-19 without cost limit. We'll state that explicitly on your certificate — suitable for immigration.

    Quarantines are not covered as they are not medically necessary.

  • Medication & materials

    Medically necessary medication, remedies, and dressing material.

  • No overall cost limit

    We expect that all parties help in keeping the cost reasonable. There are only a few specific limits that are mentioned where needed.

What is not insured?

  • Pre-existing conditions

    Medical conditions within six months before your insurance aren't covered.

    If you had an accident or got sick right before signing up for this insurance, it won't be covered.

  • Dangerous activities

    Diving, motorcycle & car racing (normal driving is fine), parachuting, paragliding, bungee & base jumping, free climbing, and mountaineering (if specialized equipment required) aren't covered.

  • Professional sports

    Consequences of professional sports aren't covered. That's any sport where you receive compensation for your participation.

  • Drugs & excessive alcohol

    Consequences of drugs or excessive alcohol consumption aren't covered.

  • Active participation in war

    Consequences of actively participating in war activities aren't covered. Passive activities like a journalist reporting from a war zone are covered.

  • Medical tourism

    If medical treatment is one of the reasons for your travel it isn't covered.

  • Anything after a return transport

    As is common in worldwide health insurance, the insurer may end your insurance after a medical return transport to your home country.

    You decide if you accept a return transport.

  • Non-medical travel-related costs

    This is high-quality health insurance.

    Trip cancellation, trip interruption, flight delays, lost luggage, loss due to theft or burglary, and personal liabilities aren't covered.

Are there any restrictions on cover?

  • Deductible

    You can choose a deductible of €50 per case to reduce the price of your insurance. In that case, the insurance will only cover costs in excess to that deductible.

    For example, given a deductible of €50 and a doctor's bill of €1,000 you would pay €50 and we would pay the remaining €950.

    Also, €250 will be deducted for treatment in U.S. emergency rooms unless medically necessary.

  • Home country

    Cover in your home country is restricted to 6 weeks per 180 days and only includes accidents and life-threatening emergencies.

    Your home country is covered only if you left it at least once after your insurance started.

  • General waiting period

    If you signed up from abroad the first 14 days of cover are restricted to accidents and life-threatening emergencies.

    There's no waiting period if you have healthcare cover elsewhere until your cover with us begins.

  • Pregnancy waiting period

    Pregnancy benefits are only covered after a waiting period of 10 months.

Where am I covered?

  • You're covered in every country.

  • You can restrict cover in Canada and the USA for a lower monthly price.

  • Cover in your home country is restricted.

What are my obligations?

  • Pay the monthly invoice in full and on time.

  • File claims as quickly as possible and provide the necessary evidence.

  • Release the physician-patient privilege if needed to process a claim.

  • Provide proof of prior healthcare cover for claims that concerns the first 14 days.

When and how do I pay?

  • The first month will be charged when you sign up for your insurance subscription. Recurring monthly charges happen automatically every month on the same day.

  • Payments are made with any supported credit or debit card. Card details are processed securely by Stripe with highest industry standards.

  • The price of this insurance doesn't change during the subscription.

When does the cover start and end?

  • Your cover starts from the date you choose.

  • Your subscription and cover end after two years.

  • You can cancel your subscription earlier on a monthly basis.

How do I cancel the contract?

  • You can cancel any month on this website.


We’re your insurance broker and health insurance partner.

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DR-WALTER manages your contract and handles your claims.

Together with this great partner we provide you with the best insurance coverage and services.

Allianz Partners

Allianz Partners, a well-known European insurer with 130 years of experience, is the risk carrier.

They guarantee that there’s enough money to cover for medical costs.

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