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We help you take great care of your health wherever you go in the world.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Genki is to help you take great care of your health, no matter where in the world you go. We believe that more and more people will have the freedom to travel and live all over the world.

We're here to make health easier and more accessible for nomads, expats, and world travelers. We're not an insurance company. We're your health partner, always there to support you in your journey, wherever it may lead.

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Our Story

Our journey began in 2018, when Marc, one of our Co-Founders, grabbed his laptop and hit the road to become a digital nomad.

Along the way, Marc discovered what so many nomads and long-term travelers have experienced: When you leave home to go travel and live in other countries, taking care of your health gets a lot harder.

We started Genki to make it easier.

Our Insurance

In 2021 we launched Genki Explorer – a worldwide travel health insurance subscription. Insurance for people who want the freedom to go anywhere and the flexibility to change plans on a moment's notice, all while being fully covered for any unexpected medical issues.

In 2024 we added Genki Native – long-term international health insurance with complete health cover, including dental and mental health care, excellent cover for pregnancy and childbirth, physiotherapy, alternative medicine, and much more.

Genki is a start-up, but the insurance we offer is backed by some of the oldest, largest, and most trusted health insurance companies in Europe, like Allianz, Barmenia, and DR-Walter. Together they have over two hundred years of health insurance experience.

Our Members

We cover people from any country, traveling in any country.

That means you can find Genki members all over the world — from adventurous, young backpackers exploring Southeast Asia to remote workers who've relocated to Mexico, and even entire families who've hit the road to worldschool their kids.

More than 20,000 nomads and their loved ones trust Genki for worldwide health cover.

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Our Partners

We are proud to collaborate with a diverse network of partners – people and organizations who join us in our mission, supporting the health of nomads and long-term travelers around the globe.

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Our Team

Our company is registered and licensed in Germany, with some of the world's strongest insurance and consumer protection laws. But as a team of digital nomads and remote workers, we work from all over the globe.

  • Genki - Marc Knaup

    Marc Knaup

    Co-Founder & Chief Nomad
  • Genki Co-Founder Mehrdad Piroozram

    Mehrdad Piroozram

  • Genki CTO - Benjamin

    Benjamin Werker

    Co-Founder & CTO
  • Genki - Neville in Uzbekistan

    Neville Mehra

    Co-Founder & CMO
  • Genki - Peter Jung

    Peter Jung

    Co-Founder & Head of Data
  • Genki - Sarah Kuhlemann

    Sarah Kuhlemann

    Head of Content & Social
  • Genki - Pedro Barrento

    Pedro Barrento

    Support Manager
  • Genki - Andreas Hübbers

    Andreas Hübbers

    Insurance Advisor
  • Genki - Vadim Raikhlin

    Vadim Raikhlin

    Back-end Developer
  • Genki - Elya

    Elya Weingrod

    Head of People Experience
  • Genki - Matteo Stefanoni

    Matteo Stefanoni

    Partnerships Manager
  • Genki - Barbara Lampl

    Barbara Lampl

  • Genki - Stefan Kottmair

    Stefan Kottmair

    Health Advisor
  • Genki - Lasse Hüttebreucker

    Lasse Hüttebreucker

  • Generic avatar of a Genki team member

    Andrej Siebert

    Front-end Developer
  • Genki - Jets Khruanamkham

    Jets Khruanamkham

    Customer Support
  • Genki - Ricardo Carlos

    Ricardo Carlos

    Customer Support
  • Eithan Ephrati

    Investor & Advisor
  • Morten Lund

    Investor & Advisor
  • Uwe Eisele

    Head of Finance & Operations