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  • Genki Resident

    International Health Insurance

    🌏 Worldwide health cover including:

    🏥 Hospitalization, accidents & emergencies

    🚑 Medical transport and repatriation

    🧑‍⚕️ Preventive check-ups, tests & vaccines

    🦷 Dental cleanings, fillings & extractions

    👓 Vision glasses, contacts & laser surgery

    🤰 Pregnancy, childbirth & postpartum care

    🩺 Choose any doctor or hospital

    🏄‍♂️ All sports covered (scooter accidents too!)

    🤳 Telemedicine and online prescriptions

    Stay covered for life (no age or time limit)

This is a short overview for your convenience. Some limits, exclusions, and waiting periods may apply.