I have a hospital emergency. Who should I contact?

If you get into an accident or suffer a sudden severe illness, the most important thing to do first is to get medical care. Contact the local emergency services so they can transport you to the nearest suitable hospital.

At the hospital

First you should receive the necessary urgent care, and then as soon as you’re able to, you should request the hospital to contact our 24/7 hospital assistance service.

Alternatively, if you have a family member or friend that can help you, then they can act on your behalf and instruct the hospital staff on how to proceed.

When you use the hospital assistance service, they will coordinate payment directly with the hospital, so you don’t have to pay upfront.

The name of the assistance provider is MD Medicus (except in the US & Canada)

When contacting the hospital assistance service, please have the following information ready:

  • Name and date of birth of the insured person

  • Name and phone number of the attending physician/hospital

  • The (suspected) diagnosis

  • Date of the accident or when the illness started

  • Name and phone number of the contact person on site (you or the friend or family member who is with you)

  • Mention that they are contacting them regarding insurance PWT-120001 provided by DR-WALTER in partnership with Genki

MD Medicus hospital assistance service contact information:

(The hospital can also write an email, provide their phone number, and ask for a call back)

What happens next?

MD Medicus has local partners in every country worldwide. After the hospital contacts them, they will contact their local partner and offer the hospital a guarantee of payment. This is a procedure that should be swift but in certain cases it can take up to a few hours.

The hospital can contact MD Medicus (+49 2247 922-5014) at any time for urgent requests.

MD Medicus will request your insurance certificate, which can be found in the Genki Member Center under “Documents”.

We recommend printing this document if possible and carrying it with you in case any emergency or hospital staff needs to look for the emergency numbers themselves.

In addition, they will ask you how long you’ve been traveling and ask you for a flight ticket. If you’ve already been outside your home country for a long time or if you’re an expat, you can explain to them this is the case and that’s why you don’t have any recent flight ticket.

What if the hospital is not cooperative?

If the hospital refuses to accept the payment (or just denies they received the guarantee of payment) you (or the person acting on your behalf) must contact MD Medicus as soon as possible through phone or email.

They will give you instructions on how to proceed and as a last resort they will organize a transfer to a different hospital that they recommend. They will not leave you without an alternative, but it’s crucial in such cases to act fast.

If you can’t call MD Medicus, or if you’re not receiving a reply quickly enough, you can resort to our customer support for help by chat or email ([email protected])

What if I don't need to go to the hospital?

Please, if you have a less serious injury or illness that does not require hospitalization, then you should do not contact the emergency assistance. Instead follow the procedures described in the article: "I'm feeling sick. How can I use my insurance?"

Any questions?

We’re happy to answer them.